Below is a 3 minute youtube video about…

Below is a 3 minute youtube video about how boys are discriminated against in school.

I also faced discrimination by females. I once worked at a grocery store as a cashier. There was a female cashier who would often stop and talk to customers. Her female manager did not discourage her from doing that. The female manager often talked to her as well causing my line of customers to increase so I had to do more work. If I ever stopped and talked to someone the female manager would immediately harass me and tell me to get back to work.


It’s important for men to care about boys

It’s important for men to care about boys.

Why A Celibate Class Of Men Is Necessary…

Why A Celibate Class Of Men Is Necessary In Society

In catholic, orthodox christian, hindu, and buddhist traditions there are men who are celibate. In the case of catholics they are all the priests and in the case of the others they are a portion of the priests. It is important for society to have a group of celibate men who perform communal functions. Communal functions refer to religious rituals involving the community.

Woman over the course of human history have conspired together to gain sexual power. They have done this by shaming women who act like sluts because a slit is someone who gives away their sexual power. When it comes to sexuality women have learned how to use sex to gain material things from men and gain control of men. They have learned that by withholding sex from men and giving it to them only under certain conditions that they can manipulate men into being and doing what they want. Because of this society has evolved into becoming female dominated.

It is true that men occupy visible positions of power in society but this is perceived power and not real power. The real power in society is wielded by women. Women are masters of the material realm. Men attain positions of visible power and struggle with one another in order to impress women and compete for women. Men work for women.

Sexually speaking men devalue their own bodies and devalue themselves by making themselves available for sex from women basically whenever women request sex. Women on the other hand are taught to value themselves and their bodies. Men don’t use sex to manipulate women. Men don’t require that a woman have a certain income or education attainment before having sex with her. Men love women for who they are. Women love men for what men can do for them and what their status is in the world.

Woman in our society are values as beings. Men are valued as doings. Men in society are reduced to functions, a mans worth is based on the function in society he performs. A mans feelings don’t matter(to society). A womans worth is based on the fact she is a woman and her feelings are important. If a man cries he gets laughed at but if a woman cries she is cared about.

The purpose of having a celibate class of men is that it regains male dignity. Men in society are ruled over by women because women have made men into sex slaves and men have allowed themselves to be sex slaves because men are sluts who don’t value their own sexuality and give it away like it is trash. The term “player” is just a clownish word for slut.

A celibate man does not grovel before women.

Men who are not celibate should strive to avoid masturbating and they should not make themselves always available sexually to women. Men should avoid being sluts.

Men need to learn to value their own feelings, men need to learn that they have worth in society apart from the function they perform. Men are valuable as beings just as women are. There is more to men than the function they perform in society. Men have souls. The language of the soul is our feelings. Men need to learn to listen to their feelings.

Celibate men are men who have managed to free themselves from female power and celibate men are a vanguard in the fight for gender equality in our society. By not groveling to women they demonstrate that it is possible for men to have dignity.

Celibacy means avoiding masturbation in addition to other sexual activity. A wanker is not a celibate. Loss of semen is a loss of vital energy and semen loss diminishes the power of muscle and he power of the brain.

Right now men are second class citizens and women perpetuate their domination of society by spreading the myth that society is a patriarchy. A woman will feign pain as she lashes out against men, portraying her aggression as being her victimization. A woman cries out in pain as she strikes you.

It’s manly to collect tools

It’s manly to collect tools.

Below is a video of a black man…

Below is a video of a black man complaining about black women. His website is:

Atheist Infighting Represents Larger Social Trends In Societies Ideology

Above article’s description:

Atheist female states male circumcision is no big deal but then states how horrific female circumcision is. Then she complains about a atheist male asking her on a date and links it to being discriminated against based on gender. Richard Dawkins then calls her stupid and then she calls Dawkins a privileged white male and the atheist community gangs up against Dawkins.

Christian Socialism In Latin America

Chavismo, the political philosophy of Hugo Chavez is christian socialism. Chavez, the Venezuelan leader, has a strong christian identity and a strong socialist belief system. The American establishment constantly harps on about Chavez being friendly with Iran. If the American establishment did not want him to be friendly with Iran then ¬†they should not have made efforts to isolate him diplomatically and demonize him. It’s only to be expected that governments shunned by America would become buddies with eachother.

A chavista is one who supports the political ideologies of Hugo Chavez. HUgo Chavez is a tri-racial man. He is part white, part black, and part american indian. He is not a black man, although if he had been born in America he may have been considered black according to the one drop rule(the idea that to have any black blood makes one black racially). The absence of a one drop rule in Venezuela may be a reason why Chavez honors the Venezuelan liberty fighter Bolivar so much. Bolivar was a white revolutionary in Venezuela who fought for independence from Spain. Chavez calls Venezuela under his regime a Bolivarian republic because he has dedicated himself to the cause of freeing Venezuela from financial control by the USA. Chavez is an enemy of globalization.

The following is a documentary(it has english subtitles whenever spanish is spoken, it has spoken english too) done by irish film-makers who documented the attempted coup against Chavez, a coup backed by the CIA. Viva Chavez!

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